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Populace offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance the success of real estate projects during the crucial pre-development phase. Through meticulous market research, community engagement planning, and stakeholder management, we ensure that projects are informed by the needs and preferences of the local community. Moreover, our thorough community impact assessments allow for proactive mitigation of potential challenges, ensuring that projects are not only profitable but also socially and environmentally responsible.


We partner with  Community Focus PR for the team's expertise in brand positioning and digital marketing, which enables developers to effectively communicate their vision and attract interest from potential buyers and investors.

At Populace, we are dedicated to facilitating positive project outcomes through strategic planning and engagement with all stakeholders involved.

Youth Conference




We provide consulting services to local governments, non-profit organizations, and developers to help them design and implement community development and engagement strategies for affordable housing projects. This could include conducting community needs assessments, facilitating community meetings, and providing guidance on best practices for fostering community involvement.

Construction site visitor




We develop and deliver training programs for 11th and 12th graders interested in real estate development, as well as for professional adults looking to transition into this field. These programs cover topics such as real estate finance, project management, zoning and land use regulations, and community engagement strategies.

Software Programmer




We offer technical assistance and mentorship programs specifically tailored to diverse developers, providing guidance on navigating the real estate development process, accessing financing, and building relationships with local communities.

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