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is dedicated to fostering thriving communities by focusing on three key pillars: housing & community development consulting, developer training, and technical assistance  for diverse, emerging and small scale developers.

Our ultimate goal is to create more safe, healthy, affordable, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient communities.

At Populace We Believe

•Everyone deserves to live in a home they can afford, without being "house poor."

•Thriving communities include safe/healthy/resilient/affordable housing, community green space and outdoor areas, opportunities for employment and support for entrepreneurship, quality education, and ample transportation.

•Real estate development creates generational wealth, and all roads lead back to real estate. Increasing diversity in real estate development is an amazing first step, but we strive to ensure that all qualified developers can  receive equal access to capital, and that increasing the number of developers, especially diverse developers, decreases disenfranchised communities and increases healthy, safe, affordable, diverse communities.​

•Developers can build what people want AND need. Affordable housing consulting and community engagement make that possible.

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41 Peabody Street

Nashville, TN 37202

Ph: 615-240-7942

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