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Welcome to the Aspire to Develop, a transformative journey for youth to become community-focused leaders and real estate developers. 

At Populace Community Strategy, we believe that empowered communities must have empowered people. We also believe that empowering the youth of any community is the key to longterm sustainability and resilience. Our Aspire to Develop program offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a dynamic learning environment focused on empowering community-minded leaders that create thriving, inclusive neighborhoods.

Our program spans 4-6 months, during which students engage in hands-on learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Through a blend of coursework, workshops, site visits, and collaborative projects, they'll gain the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to drive meaningful change in their communities and in their future.

The Aspire to Develop Program Consists of:

High School  Students, in 10th-12th grades, with a passion to lead in their communities and explore careers in mission-driven real estate. This program provides a foundational understanding of housing issues and introduces students  to the principles of mission-driven leadership, sustainable  real estate, real estate development, and social impact.

Join us on this journey of growth, discovery, and empowerment as we work together to build resilient, affordable, and inclusive communities for all. Together, we can Aspire to create a brighter future for housing in Tennessee and beyond.

A High School Empowerment Journey

Welcome to the High School Aspire to Develop Program (4 Months)

Are you a high school junior or senior with a passion for making a difference in your community? Are you curious about how real estate development can play a vital role in shaping the neighborhoods we live in? If so, the High School Aspire to Development program is tailor-made for you!

About the Program:
The Aspire to Develop Program is a unique opportunity for young changemakers to dive deep into the world of community-focused leadership and real estate development. Over the course of four months, participants will embark on a transformative journey of learning, exploration, and hands-on experience, guided by industry experts and seasoned professionals.

What to Expect:
During the program, you'll explore the fundamentals of community development and real estate development, gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities in creating thriving, inclusive neighborhoods. Through a combination of interactive workshops, site visits, guest speaker sessions, and group projects, you'll develop a holistic understanding of the complexities of housing issues and the role of developers in addressing them.

Why Join the Aspire Development Cohort:
-Hands-on Learning: Engage in experiential learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom, including site visits to real estate development projects and collaborative group projects.
- Expert Guidance: Learn from industry experts, community leaders, and experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and insights with the next generation of community developers.
- Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded peers who share your passion for community development and affordable housing, building a supportive network that will continue to inspire and empower you long after the program ends.

Ready to Make a Difference?
If you're ready to embark on a journey of discovery, leadership, and impact, then the Aspire to  Develop Program is for you.

Interested?  Complete this Interest form to be added to our email/events list and to be alerted about upcoming program and application dates. dates and Join and be part of the change-makers shaping the future of housing in Tennessee and beyond!


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Populace is a for-profit social enterprise. Supporters of our programs are empowering our next generation of leaders and real estate developers who will learn to build thriving, resilient, sustainable businesses and communities. 

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